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Financing Available

While our company does not offer financing, we can suggest companies that do. The following companies should be able to work with you to advance your purchase from Arthur Trovei & Sons, Inc.

  • Contact Michael Buckhout with Lease Corporation of America at 248-743-5229 or e-mail them at mbuckhout@leasecorp.com or visit them online at leasecorp.com. You can fill out an application here:Application

  • Contact Jordan Scharf with Smart Business Credit at 484-696-1576 or e-mail them at jscharf@smartbusinesscredit.com or visit them online at smartbusinesscredit.com. You can fill out an application here:Application

  • Contact Derek Anniston with American Leasing & Financial at 800-644-1182 or e-mail them at derek@americanLF.com or visit them online at AmericanLF.com. You can fill out an application here:Application


  • Contact Corey Stansbury with SLS Financial at 800-467-3111 or fill out the lease application online

  • Contact Erich Maerz with Liberty Financial Group, Inc. at 267-784-9180 or visit them online at www.libertyfg.com You can e-mail Eric at erichm@libertyfg.com or e-mail Brenda Foster at brendaf@libertyfg.com


  • Contact Bill Formica, Managing Partner with First Financial, LLC. at 866-634-7786 or e-mail them at Billf@FirstFinllc.com. You can visit them at their website www.firstfinllc.com


  • Contact Patrick Dawson with CapStar Corporation at 813-594-1120. E-mail them at pdawson@capstarcorp.com


  • Contact Craig Harrington with TruckLend.com at 631-231-3770 or visit them online at TruckLend.com. You can fill out an application online or print one out and fax it to 631-231-3773. At TruckLend.com "We Finance What Makes You Money"


  • Contact Billy Reitman with Intek Leasing at 973-403-7788. Intek Leasing is a dedicated lender for purchases of heavy duty trucks and equipment. Intek offers financing for a wide variety of equipment types, including: Medical Equipment, Construction Equipment, Recycling/Shredding Equipment, Office Equipment, and more.


List your financing company with us today! E-mail Steve: Steve@trovei.com for details.

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