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Celebrating Over 80 Years in Business

We are a used truck dealer located in Sparrow Bush, New York. Our current inventory is made up of more than 100 different trucks for you to choose from! The inventory consists mainly of Mack, International, Ford, and Freightliner tractors. We also deal in box trucks, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, other specialty trucks, and our lineup carries many foreign makes including Mitsubishi, Nissan, and UD. Our inventory is ever-changing and this site is always up to date so, check back often.
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Our mission is to provide you with quality merchandise at affordable prices, while making you feel like family!

Contact Information
Arthur Trovei & Sons, Inc.
82 Sleepy Hollow Road
PO Box 777
Sparrow Bush, NY 12780
phone: (845) 856-1142
fax: (845) 856-6525
e-mail: art@trovei.com

We pay you to find inventory! That's right ? we are willing to pay you to scout for trucks. We pay finders fees for any trucks or equipment we purchase from leads you give us. For each piece we purchase from your lead, we will pay you $100. All we need from you is the following:
(1) general information on the piece
        [year, make, model, and type are all useful]
(2) contact name and phone number
(3) your name and phone number
That's it! Just three easy steps (and hopefully you already know step 3!) You don't have to do any of the negotiations or lay out any of the cash. Just find the trucks and give us the information. And, don't forget, that's $100 per each piece! So, if you track down a ten truck deal, that's a cool grand in your pocket for just finding a name, number, and basic info. Sound good? Yep ? thought so. Now, get out there and start lookin'!

New Arrivals

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Sell us your trucks!
R & CH Macks Wanted!

2005 Freightliner M2 S/A Tank Truck (04/23)

1980 Ottawa S/A Yard Switcher (04/23)

2005 Freightliner M2 S/A Tank Truck (04/22)

1985 Mack DM886SX T/A Dump Truck (04/21)

Prices Reduced on Buses (04/16)

2005 Sterling A9500 S/A Day Cab Tractor (04/16)

1996 Freightliner FL70 S/A Cab and Chassis (04/14)

2005 Sterling A9500 S/A Day Cab Tractor (04/07)

2005 Sterling A9500 S/A Day Cab Tractor (04/07)

2005 Sterling A9500 S/A Day Cab Tractor (04/07)

2001 Sterling L8500 S/A Day Cab Tractor (04/04)

2001 Sterling L8500 S/A Day Cab Tractor (04/04)

2000 Magnum RT110 S/A Yard Switcher (04/04)

2004 Ottawa C30 S/A Yard Switcher (04/04)
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